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Proven Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy


You are embarking on a wonderful and exciting adventure! Becoming a parent is one of the most important and rewarding experiences. And right now, keeping yourself healthy and in balance is the top priority.

Manage your Pain

During pregnancy, your body changes as it adapts to the baby(s) growing inside you. Many pregnant women experience neck, shoulder, back, pelvic, hip, and leg pain during (or even throughout) their pregnancy.

Often these symptoms are due to pre-existing conditions such as traumas from sports injuries, car accidents, and poor posture, which cause misalignments in your spine and pelvis. These misalignments cause your body to be less able to adapt to your body's rapid changes.

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Challenges During Pregnancy

As you move through the different stages of pregnancy, you may find that the added weight, postural stress, and changes to your overall body mechanics cause these pre-existing conditions to become more painful, leading to difficulty in performing normal day-to-day activities.

These changes can also affect the health and balance of your pelvis, putting stress on the ligaments that support your uterus. This can prevent your baby from moving into the best position for birth. Correcting these imbalances can increase the pelvic opening, dramatically reducing labor and delivery time.

Feeling your Best

Regular chiropractic care throughout your pregnancy can relieve and prevent many of these problems. Safe, specific, gentle adjustments to the spine, pelvis, and extremities reduce or eliminate these misalignments.

Most patients report feeling a reduction in their stress and tension and improving their overall sense of well-being. Whether you are a first time parent or adding to a growing family, may you enjoy a healthy pregnancy and every moment of this amazing journey!


Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

  • Maintaining a healthier pregnancy
  • Reduced labor and delivery time
  • Reducing or eliminating neck, shoulder, back, pelvis, hip, and leg pain associated with pregnancy
  • Helping the baby move into the optimum position for birth (Webster Technique)
  • Improving sleep
  • Increasing energy

Chiropractic is for Kids Too!

Did you know that many spinal problems in adults begin as early as birth? Even 'natural' birthing methods can stress an infant's spine and developing nervous system.

The resulting irritation to the nerves caused by spinal and cranial misalignment can cause many newborn health complaints, including nursing difficulties, sleep disturbance, colic, bowel problems, and chronic infections.

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Childhood Injuries

Childhood injuries typically begin as your child reaches their growth milestones: when they learn to hold their head up, sit unassisted, crawl, stand, and walk independently. One of the most common reasons parents initially seek chiropractic care for their child is due to trauma or injury.

Any chronic pain (including headaches or growing pains) is not a normal finding in an otherwise healthy child. Your child should also be screened for significant postural abnormalities, including scoliosis, as early as possible.

Early Detection

Early detection and care can greatly reduce the impact of childhood traumas, including the degree of the curve your child may develop if they have scoliosis. As well, growth spurts during childhood and puberty can cause significant change and progression to even minor curvatures and postural abnormalities within a very short time.

Other factors such as overall posture, the way your child stands, the weight of the backpacks they carry, as well as other daily habits and activities, affect their growing spines and can be indicators of future problems.

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When Should My Child Be Checked?

  • Immediately after birth.
  • On reaching their growth milestones.
  • When they learn to hold their head up, sit unassisted; crawl; stand, and walk independently.
  • After a fall, trauma, or sports injury.
  • When a child is experiencing bone or joint pain (growing pains).
  • Scoliosis screening.
  • Experiencing headaches or postural pains associated with carrying heavy backpacks or gaming.

Is It Safe?

Children’s adjustments are gentle, safe, and different from those performed on adults.

Dr. Sharon has received advanced training in pediatric care and uses techniques specifically adapted to fit your child's size, weight, and unique spinal condition.

These techniques are gentle and specific to your child's developing spinal structures. Very little force is required to restore motion and effect a profound change. We provide a safe, fun, kid-friendly environment where our patients look forward to their checkups.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Children

  • Better posture.
  • Faster recovery from illness and improved immune function.
  • Faster recovery from injuries.
  • Improved performance in sports, and other activities.
  • Early screening for postural abnormalities.
  • Increased focus & improved sleep.